- Mesdan-Loepfe agreement for Contest® - Fibermap®

​​​​​​Mesdan-Lab at the forefront of cotton fibre testing technology expanding its product range with two important achievements: CONTEST®-S  and CONTEST®-F

Loepfe laboratory line has been developed in cooperation with Mesdan.
Since the launch of the  Loepfe FIBERMAP® and YARNMAP®, valuable customer feedback has been collected. During this period, a clearer picture of the customer wishes and needs has been collected and important fine-tuning improvements achieved. 
In order to take advantage of both companies expertise and distribute the development efforts within the group more evenly, it has been decided that Mesdan is going to continue the development of the fiber testing instrument whereas Loepfe is going to resume the work for the all-in-one yarn testing instrument.
Following this group strategy, Mesdan have upgraded the former FIBERMAP® and designed a new instrument named CONTEST®-F measuring at the same time both the cotton fiber properties and cotton stickiness (honeydew/sugar content).
In order to meet the market demand, the former 2015 version of CONTEST® was redesigned into CONTEST®-S  shrinking its original application to Stickiness measurement and grading only.
The development of the all-in-one yarn testing instrument Loepfe LabMaster YARNMAP® will be continued by Loepfe Brothers, famous for its online yarn quality control systems.
With this decision, Mesdan and Loepfe underline their commitment to their laboratory product lines with the synergy of two dedicated development teams.