Sir Daniele Messa established Mesdan company in Salò – a manufacturing workshop specialized in the production of textile hand knotters.


The company became a qualified mechanical industry under the creative impulse of Sir Daniele Messa's son, Mr Pietro. During those years MESDAN was also very busy in developing reliable mechanical knotters suitable to meet the needs of the new automatic winding machines.


MESDAN became a consolidated industrial reality of international prestige, and – in 1975 – its corporate structure was changed into a S.p.A. (joint-stock company) corporate form. Meanwhile MESDAN became the leading supplier of knotters to manufacturers of automatic winding machines all over the world.


The 1980’s are characterized by the ‘knot free’ yarn joining technology (the so called “splicing” technology), and Mr Renato Zanca (successor to Mr Pietro Messa as Managing Director) led the company to the realisation of an innovative range of splicing devices, soon becoming internationally recognisable thanks to the “Jointair®” and “Aquasplicer®” trademarks. Mr Zanca also decided to diversify the company activity by entering the business of textile laboratory equipment, to meet the growing demand for Testing and Quality control.


MESDAN became established in the field of Laboratory equipment, and made commercial alliances with the most important companies in this sector. After the acquisition of “Osvaldo Fessia’s Omac snc” company – specialized in the production of Lab equipment for the control of yarns and fabrics – MESDAN opened its new division known as MESDAN LAB, and started the production and marketing of a wide range of testing equipment.


MESDAN celebrated its 60th anniversary, and presented the new MESDAN DYELAB line, a series of equipment for the dyeing and finishing quality assessment.

At the same time, MESDAN yarn joining Divison launched the Moistair®, a unique technique for yarn joining, which became soon a wordwide success.


​MESDAN joined the “SAVIO” group of companies – owned by Alpha Private equity.


​Following its ISO 17025 audit and a series of important developments and achievements in the field of Laboratory testing MESDAN obtained the status of a Calibration Laboratory (LAT), the highest recognition for an equipment manufacturer.


SAVIO group was acquired by Vandewiele, Belgium, a world leader in Mechatronics solutions (combination of mechanical and electronics engineering) to serve textile and electronics customers around the world.