Customer Services

Customer assistance is considered as an essential feature of our company policy and it is ensured by a team of highly specialized technicians who work in co-operation with the technical staff of our local agents.

In order to support our customers in a fast, professional and efficient way MESDAN has set up a network of qualified assistance points all over the world which in coordination with MESDAN specialists can offer the following customer services:

  • Technical and Commercial Assistance
  • Showroom
  • Test Execution
  • Installation & Starting up
  • Operators' Training
  • Maintenance and Revision
  • Spare Parts


Our joining devices and testing equipment are displayed in the show-room available in MESDAN or in our agencies with showroom facilities. You can visit our show-rooms all year round by appointment. Our personnel will be glad to assist and show you the instrument of your interest.

Test Execution

MESDAN testing department is available to perform free of charge joining trials in order to demonstrate our splicers performance and to support our customers by suggesting the best setting of the Splicer to join their yarn or to verify possible malfunctioning of the device.
MESDAN LAB testing department executes free of charge tests on customers' samples to demonstrate the performance of the instrument available from our product range.

Installation and Starting up

Upon request , our qualified personnel is available for installation and starting up of our joining devices and laboratory equipment. MESDAN products can be easily installed by the customer following the fitting instructions which are always supplied with our instruments.
This service is particularly recommended in case of sophisticated instruments, laboratory projects and when first installing A.T.S system. We always recommend our service assistance in case of A.T.S with vertical movement of the splicer or with long extension and in case winder upgrading is required prior to installation of the splicer.

Operators' training

Periodical training and updating courses for both Yarn Joining and Laboratory equipment are organized at the our headquarters. The training courses are held for our customers' technicians to ensure their complete independence in the routine servicing of MESDAN and MESDANLAB equipment.
Similar courses are organized by our representatives for their customers technicians. Upon customer's request, training courses can be held at his premises during installation. Training courses are highly recommended for these instruments: MICROCOLOR, DYE SCANNER and TENSOLAB.

Maintenance and Revision

Page ContentMaintenance schedule for our products is available in the servicing instructions. In addition MESDAN offers contractual maintenance and revision service which we recommend to keep your products in perfect working condition.

Spare Parts

MESDAN stocks more than 15.000 parts and components for quick supply of the most requested spares for all our devices.
Furthermore, some of MESDAN distributors keep stock of parts and accessories for MESDAN products to ensure prompt delivery and payment in local currency.

List of spare parts and drawings are available in the servicing instructions of all our products.