MESDAN has developed a wide range of “Splicers” in both hand-operated and automatic versions, capable of joining yarns which may differ in fiber nature, spinning method, count, twist.

For hand-operated splicers meant to be used downstream of single-yarn winding, Mesdan has designed an exclusive Air Track System: easy-fitting on all kind of textile machine, is able to joint any kind of yarn, either conventional or industrial. Basic splicers using regular compressed air only, are identified as “JOINTAIR®”.

Those using heated air are known as “HOT JOINTAIR®” (particularly suitable for worsted, woolen, silk, fancy yarns, Cashmere, synthetic OE, etc.). Splicers which use water in addition to compressed air, are identified by “AQUASPLICER®” trademark and are ideal to join hygroscopic yarns such as plied cotton, OE cotton and linen. “MOISTAIR®” splicers inject a small quantity of moisture to the compressed air, enabling to obtain excellent results on Tencel & Modal and very fine compact yarns.