A.T.S. Systems

A.T.S. (Air Track Supply) is a complete system which can be fitted on all kind of textile machinery where yarn joining is necessary, enabling a JOINTAIR®, HOT JOINTAIR®, MOISTAIR® Splicer or an AQUASPLICER® to be positioned at any desired position for the convenience of the operator.

Thanks to various standard support brackets, it can be easily attached in the optimum working position, leaving both hands free for yarn manipulation and thus increasing productivity.

Applications and advantages:

  • productivity: the operator can position the splicer in the optimum working position and has the great advantage of working with both hands free. Extensible , rotating supports and vertical movements are available for the splicer (as optional) to reach the best splicing position and position the same at different height if required ( specifically in case of installations for creels);
  • reliability: the optimized air supply and water supply (for AQUASPLICER® and MOISTAIR® only ) increases and improves the reliability and splice results;
  • durability: using a rail-mounted unit alleviates the damage caused by falling, etc., and results in a substantial increase in working life and in a reduction in maintenance costs.

For the installations on conventional winders, assembly winders, twisters, reeling machines, draw texturizing machine, embroidery machine, sectional and fractional warping creels, etc., MESDAN recommends the use of its hand-operated splicers mounted on the exclusive A.T.S. system.

Available versions:

 A.T.S. “C” TYPE
This is the basic model, ideal for the mounting and supply of air for lightweight splicing devices like JOINTAIR® model 110R, 115 and 116.

A reinforced model for the mounting and supply of air for heavier splicing devices such as JOINTAIR® 1101 and 4941A. The wider caterpillar track can accommodate both air and water supply pipes indispensable for the operation of AQUASPLICER 4923B and MOISTAIR® 6981A and 6982A.

A power-supplied model for the mounting of ILLMAN® splicer ( battery supply is no longer required).

Specifically conceived for Hot JOINTAIR® 4983B and 4984B to be supplied with compressed air and with electrical power.​​​​​