Knot-free Quality Accreditation

The "MKFA" abbreviation stands for MESDAN KNOT-FREE ACCREDITATION that is the accreditation system developed by Mesdan to reward the customers who can ensure 100% knot-free plied yarn production.

At the same time, this guarantee, that yarns are joined at assembling and twisting stage only by means of "JOINTAIR®" and "AQUASPLICER®" fitted on A.T.S. systems made by MESDAN, the world leader in the joining solutions.

Following to an accurate inspection of the installed A.T.S. systems, depending on the type of yarn processing, production capacity, use and maintenance of the splicers, Mesdan can decide to reward the customer and:

  • issuing a MKFA certificate at their name; 
  • giving them the authorization to use a special MKFA logo in their commercial papers, packaging, marketing material, etc.

Customers interested in the accreditation should contact the local Mesdan agent for more information.