Campiocolor 85A     323V

Laboratory equipment, with two separate dyeing baths, with 5 positions each, suitable to dye - universally - at atmospheric pressure (+98°C max.) flocks, yarn skeins, or fabrics.
Ideal for dyeing with reactive, direct, and acid colours.
Available stainless steel beakers with 100-200-300-400-500 and 600 cc capacity.
The instrument can be equipped - on demand - with dyeing positions having different capacities, at the same time, e.g.: 5 beakers of 500 cc capacity and 5 beakers of 200 cc capacity.
Complete with PLC programmer with 50 selectable programs.
Indirect automatic cooling with water, by means of an electrovalve.
Special vertical and rotating movement of the samples.
Automatic water inlet system, in order to maintain the proper level of dye bath to be heated.
A special model equipped with round glass lid - to check the dye bath exhaust - is available on demand, code 85/A-V.
Power supply: 400 Vac, 50 Hz, three-phase + N
Weight: 130 kg
Dimensions: (L) 960 x (W) 600 x (H) 870 mm

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