Universal Atmospheric Dyeng Lab   323P1

Laboratory unit for preparation of yarns and fabrics and/ or for dyeing textile natural, synthetic fibres or blends (piece, flock, hank or reel).
Equipped with n. 1 glass container inner diametre 180 mm.-usable height 250 mm.
Temperature regulation (max. 98° C.) controlled by microprocessor programmer with graphic display, with maximum capacity of memory 60 programmes, with 30 steps each one.
Circulation pump with flow going from outside inwards and vice-versa.
Electrical valve for bath loading. Manual valve for bath drain.
Indirect heating by means of electric resistance.
Indirect automatic cooling with water by means of electro-valve.
Continuous washing in automatic.
Unit made of stainless steel.

Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, three-phase + N
Dimensions: (L) 800 x (W) 650 x (H) 1350 mm

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