Dyeing Lab Machine Plus     323U

Laboratory equipment suitable to dye, universally at atmospheric pressure, textile natural and synthetic fibres or blends, pieces, flocks or skeins, Endowed with two dyeing baths which can be used simultaneously at different temperature.
One dyeing bath is endowed with 5 stainless steel beakers of available capacity 100-200-300-400-500 -600 cc. This bath is ideal for dyeing tests of small samples (10/50g) in different colours.
The other bath is endowed with a stainless steel dyeing basin suitable for simultaneous dyeing of samples with a maximum weight of 150-200 g.
Adjustable temperature (max 98°C) by means of two microprocessors with a memory capacity of 20 programmes.

Power supply: 380V - 50 Hz three-phase
Weight: 150 Kg

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