Jigger Lab     3112

Laboratory equipment for dyeing fabric samples of natural and synthetic fibres or blends. During dyeing the fabric passes flat in a basin with repetitive cycles.
The dyeing bath can be heated up to 95°C. The fabric can be around 2 meters long.
Roller length: 600 mm.
Dyeing tank max capacity: 5 litres.
Adjustable temperature (max 95°C) by means of a microprocessor with display, with a memory capacity of 20 programmes.


- Automatic dyeing bath loading with litres counter, it is request the P50 programmer, code 3112.6.
- P50 programmer, microprocessor programmes with graphic display, capacity of memory 60 programmes max, code 323.28.
- Automatic auxiliary products loading, 1 basin with delivery pump, code 3112.8.
- Automatic dyeing bath drain, code 3112.10.
- Continuous washing in automatic mode, code 3112.12.
- Internal light, code 3112.14.
- Device for washing the rollers, code 3112.16.

Power supply: 400V - 50 Hz three-phase + N
Weight: 150 Kg
Dimensions: (L) 1600 x (W) 670 x (H) 800 mm.

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