Pad Steam Lab   3398

Ideal for the printing houses who desire to duplicate in the laboratory the dyeing results they obtain in production.
It is possible to work with saturated vapour (up to 100°C), produced internally or with high temperature heated vapour (up to 170°C) coming from an external source.
Roller length: 300 mm. Adjustable speed from 0,2 to 5 m/min, by means of a potentiometer.
Equipped with 1 dyeing basin – max capacity 1,5 litres. Staying time of sample under treatment from 8 seconds to 30 minutes, steam heating.
Equipped with 1 washing tank, with pertinent squeezer (the second and/or the third washing tanks with pertinent squeezers are available on demand).

Power supply : 380V +N; 50 Hz three-phase
Weight: 350 Kg.
Dimensions : (L) 920 x (W) 1850 x (H) 1930 mm.

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