Fabric Vapour Lab   3107

Laboratory instrument to steaming pieces of fabric with steam. The steaming cycle takes place in saturated steam at +99.9°C and at the atmospheric pressure. Steam by water evaporation from internal basin by means of electric resistance.

Technical features:

- Digital thermo-regulator which allows to set required temperature, max +99.9°C, and keeps it unchanged.

- Timer with acoustic signal to check stay time of fabric sample.

- Sample fastening frame, dimensions 450 x 450 mm, fabric max dimension 400 x 400 mm.

- Fabric holder frame, with pins and adjustable slider; interchangeable with Stenter Lab Dryer code 3106A, Fabric Lab Dryer code 3106, Fabric Vapour Lab code 3107A, Coating lab code 3114.

- Automatic heating with electric resistances.

- Automatic water filling through electro-valve.

- Manual expulsion of fabric holder rack.

- Unit built of stainless steel.



- System for chamber overheating from +99,9°C up to +104°C max, code 3107.6.

- RH humidity probe complete with electronic programmer, code 3107.8.

- Spare parts for two years, code 3107.2.


A model with vapour supplied from external source is also available, code 3107A.

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