Stenter Lab Dryer   3106A

Small miniature RAMEUSE, suitable to dry dyed fabric samples, but especially to hot fix the fabrics.

High quality model, with hot air up to +230°C, endowed with two separated air ducts with adjustable hot air fluxes to perform thermal process as heating and drying phases, on both fabric faces with different parameters.Temperature variation inside the chamber does not exceed ± 1°C.

Equipped with FABRIC HOLDER LOOM (450 x 450 mm) for fabric up to 450 x 450 mm, with pins (automatic extraction) and with an adjustable slider.
Control panel with timer for time test.

Power supply: 400 Vac - 50 Hz three phase
Weight: 310 Kg
Dimensions: (L) 1130 x (W) 1340 x (H) 770 mm

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