Colormatic   323G

Laboratory equipment for both automatic weighing and preparation of stock solutions and automatic dosing system of colour recipes from a maximum of 4 bottles of stock solutions.

Colormatic is equipped with automatic dosing system of stock solutions for colour recipes preparations and mechanical stirrer for stock solutions.

Equipped with N 1 balance with weighing capacity up to 2.000 g, and 0,001 g accuracy.
Dosing selection with warm or cold water.
Personal Computer complete with monitor.
Configuration table of the dosing beakers.
Possibility to save the expiry date of the stock solutions.
Acoustic buzzer signal warning that the solution is ready.
Unit made of stainless steel.

Power supply: 230 Vac, 50 Hz, single-phase
Dimensions: (L) 1100 x (D) 720 x (H) 1000 mm

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