Double Lab-Knitter   294F

High precision single cylinder laboratory knitting machine for the production of tubular knitted fabric for checking dyeing uniformity and evaluate dye affinity.

Equipped with two cylinders 3,3/4” diameter, selectable number of needles and fineness, see the below chart

Endowed with fabric fineness regulation mechanism Automatic oiling device

Ergonomic control pad complete with:
electronic yarn length meter
variable speed regulation by means of a potentiometer
Led indicators monitoring machine functions

Electronic tensioner code 2940 100
Two cylinders fitted in the machine. Other are available as optional.

Power supply: 400Vac- 50/60 Hz - three-phase + N
Weight: 180 Kg
Dimensions: (L)1200 x (W)1050x (H)1750 mm.

List of available cylinders

Code    # needles    Needle gauge      Count range        Count range
                                                       for filaments       for spun yarn*

294E.1320    320             75             Dtex 10-100           Ne 80-100
294E.1260    260             70             Dtex 30-150           Ne 60-80
294E.1240    240             48             Dtex 70-300           Ne 40-60
294E.1220    220             48             Dtex 100-400          Ne 20-40
294E.1140    140             36             Dtex 200-1000        Ne 12-20
294E.1112    112             24             Dtex 400-2000        Ne 8-12

* Cylinder capacity should be confirmed by yarn testing as cylinder selection is affected by yarn count, composition and friction.

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