Light Lab   173B

Light chamber for sampling.
With the following 4 light sources:

Daylight lamp D65 6500 K,  code 173.74
TLD 18W/840 extra white light, code 173.46
18W/08 UV lamp, code 173.66
35W incandescent tungsten light, code 173.42

Complete with hour counter device.

Optional: 45° viewer
Built in accordance with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 105, BS 950-1, DIN 6173

Power supply: single-phase 230V, 50/60
Weight: 30 Kg
Internal dimensions: (L) 675 x (W) 395 x (H) 370 mm
External dimensions: (L) 715 x (W) 415 x (H) 600 mm

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