Spectro Lab II   3393B

High tech Spectrophotometer for bench use, for the accurate measuring of big volumes of samples.
Model complete with inner self-testing and self-configuration to guarantee accurate and repeatable measurements.
Spectro Lab can perform both reflection measurements (on fabrics, yarns, fibres, other) and transmission measurements (liquids).

Instrument endowed with QC Quality Control software, code 3393A.10, basic software for the quality control in the laboratory. Run in Windows. It permits you to display and save data, graphs, spectro-graphs, trend profiles, colour differences under the different CIE scales, L*A*B*76, CMC, CIE94,FMC2 metamerism indexes, visual colour, whiteness and yellowness indexes.

Technical features:
USB/RS-232 interface for connection to an external PC (optional)
Power supply: single phase 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

- Colour Matching-Recipe software code 3393A.12
Innovative and advanced software consisting of the QC Quality Control software and a complete Colour Matching software to prepare and correct colours when preparing dyeing lab recipes.
It includes the basic QC software and an easy and accurate method for the insertion of the dyeing agents with the related reflection curves, to ensure accurate recipe formulation.
An easy reading method ensures the immediate display of the inserted colour, thus guaranteeing the identification of possible discrepancies.
The recipe formulation program can formulate and correct recipes in an easy and accurate way.
Most important: the colours and the recipes must be inserted directly by the operator, if an assistance of a Mesdan technician is required, it must be quoted separately.

- Control Lab, laptop code 2532.150, or as alternative choice, personal computer code 237.92, keyboard complete with mouse code 250.350, monitor code 250.300. Ink jet
printer code 250.4, set of spare ink jet ribbon, set of A4 paper sheets, uninterruptible
power source UPS code 250.306, UPS code 250.306, multiple electric socket code

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