Auto-Chroma IR   323EA

Auto-Chroma IR “click - valve”* Infra-red dyeing machine.
For the first time ever a Lab Infra-red dyeing machine that works on fill it & shut it principle. Very thoughtfully designed and tested by a set of expert dyers and chemists, for durability, repeatability, reproducibility, color rendering.

Main features:
Semi-automatic Laboratory IR dyeing machine with patented pot design

Programmed temperature control for raise, hold, and cooling

Total chemical dosing control

Thanks to these and other details mentioned further users can achieve innovative and accurate performances for lab dyeing at reduced costs with the accuracy and uniformity never reached before with an IR machine

Suitable to dye pieces of fabric, yarn, fibre and blends

Suitable for all types of dyes, and dyeing methods

This fully automatic chemical dosing and temp & time control is achieved by a specially designed dye pot. Each pot has 2 special automatic dosing reservoirs with “click-valve”*.

The temperature range for heating and cooling are ambient to 135°C , rate of heating from 0,1 up to 4 deg / min.

Cooling by means of water heat exchanger and air circulation fan above 500 meter cube/hour

The automatic dosing eliminated the stop start operations, eg stop to add dye, stop to add alkali, so on The Auto Chroma 1 patented “click - valve”* system will dose precise amounts of Dye, Auxiliaries, Alkali etc. as per the program set by the operator.

The instrument is equipped with an elegant colour “touch screen”.

The machine as supplied with several dyeing programs designed by experts (eg, Pes, Cot, Cot/Pes, Wool, etc..).

Note: Stock Solutions have to be prepared manually or using the Mesdan Automatic Dispenser, Box Rotacolor Code 323GA.

Special 300cc pots design (patent pending world-wide) allows for use of only one type of pot for all liquor ratio which covers the following volumes: 100 - 150 - 200 - 250 and 300cc, special volumes capacity pots to dye 500cc to 1000cc liquor are available on request.

The maximum number of pots on a standard machine is 12.
On special request, 24 pot machines can be supplied.

With the elegant colour “touch screen” the operator can program, store, recall and run a number of dyeing sequences (temperature setting up to 135°C) and personalized programs.
The saved programs can be easily recalled again for the next occasions of dyeing , so even a small change to a standard program is saved, e.g. if an additional auxiliary is added for turquoise shades that program is saved in the machine and can be recalled when lab trials of turquoise colors is undertaken.

The essential innovative advantages of this dyeing machine are:
Easy of use

Touch screen control panel

Save and recall memory system

Low liquor ratio dyeing are possible

Mesdan IR excludes the negative effect called “temperature dips and hot spots “ which influences dyeing results between samples of the same type

Time factor: drastic dyeing time reduction due to the automatic dosing of dyestuff, alkali and auxiliaries

Dye accuracy factor: due to micro-metric step by step dosing and the fact that the machine does not need to be stopped (as is the case with other IR machines with manual/syringe dosing)

Reproducibility factor: due to the special pot design (patented world-wide) the sample absorbs the color in absolute perfect manner

Ergonomic factor: definitively the most silent IR machine nowadays available

Auto Chroma IR is made in Europe and built entirely out of the best quality stainless steel, practically indestructible.

Power supply: 380 - 400 V 50 Hz - Wires 3 phase / 1N / 1 E
Net weight: 150Kg
Dimensions: (L) 1250 x (P) 700 x (H) 700 mm
* Patented

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