GIOTTO HT 9000   323T6.216

Dyeing laboratory equipment, ideal for a combined use with DYE SCANNER or with LAB KNITTER, to determine the dyeing affinity of texturized yarns.
Giotto HT 9000 is ideal to check, after dyeing, the presence of any faults inside the fabrics.
HT (+135°C) instrument, therefore also suitable for dyeing of polyester fabrics and yarns.
Fully automatic equipment to wash, dye, rinse, and - if necessary - to soap fabric and knitted fabric samples.
Giotto HT 9000 is also suitable for the final “stripping” on dyed polyester fabrics.
Suitable for samples with a max. of 900 grams
Power supply: 400 Vac, 50 Hz, three-phase + N
Weight: 181 kg
Dimensions: (L) 900 x (W) 930 x (H) 1050 mm

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