GIOTTO     323T5_6

Fully automatic dyeing machine, from pre-treatment to washing off - Load unload principle (similar to bulk).
It can dye yarn skeins and fabrics made of any dyeable fibres and their blends.
All Parameters are fully programmable, including Auto Dosing Equipped with about 50 selectable different dyeing programs, each with graphic display.
Basic model endowed with 3 automatic dosing tanks.
To obtain a fully automatic version, 2 additional dosing pumps can be added to each dyeing unit.
Up to 6 dyeing positions, either H.T. (+135°C) or atmospheric (+98°C), or combined.
Each dyeing position is independent.
Also available models with different bath capacity (300 cc, 600 cc, 1600 cc, 6000 cc).
On demand, the instrument can be equipped with dyeing po­sitions having different bath capacity.
Suitable to create processes and plan batches online like for bulk machines.
Thanks to the fully automation and to the very high precision, Giotto Dyeing Machine can obtain the same results reached by the production machineries on the laboratory samples dyed according to the same processes and recipes.
Liquor ratio from 1:7 up to 1:40 (depending of GSM of fabric to be dyed).
Continuous programmable Reduction clearance possible (for PES and its blends), allows for continuous dyeing of PES Blends.
Excellent repeatability within one bath and reproducibility among baths – delta (<0,4 CMC 2:1) and RFT (> 95%)
Power supply: 400 Vac, 50 Hz, three-phase + N

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