LODO     323P6

Laboratory dyeing machine with 3 INDEPENDENT DYEING UNITS, suitable for both atmospheric dyeing (up to +98°C) and high temperature dyeing (up to +135°C), ideal for dyeing of small yarn cones, bulk fibres, fabrics wrapped on beams, and yarn skeins.
Available in different configurations (from manual to fully automatic version).
The dyeing process is achieved by dyeing static samples with a circulating dye bath flow, from inside-outside and vice versa, thanks to the reversible circulation pump supplied with the main instrument.
LODO HT main characteristic is its modular design, the possibility to increase its AUTOMATION level and dyeing REPEATABILITY to the top level, in order to reach the highest possible Right First Time (RFT). For this scope, some unique technological solutions have been developed, all available on demand as optional accessories.
Each single dyeing unit of LODO HT can be equipped with an AUTOMATIC DOSING SYSTEM consisting of 1 main tank (in which the dye bath is poured) and 3 additional smaller tanks, for auxiliary products.
Besides quality, when the time factor and dyeing quantity are involved, the addition of other accessories (such as the EXTRA PUMP D-4 and D-5 DOSING KITS) will ensure a COMPLETE AUTOMATION and guarantee the highest dosing ACCURACY (exclusion of human error) and the highest possible RFT.
to 6 independent dyeing positions (available on demand - a detailed offer can be provided in case of interest).
Models with 1000 cc or 2000 cc bath capacity are avail­able (to be defined at the time of the tender).
Programmable built-in PLC microprocessor with touch screen display.
Automatic continuous washing.
Automatic drain of the dyeing bath.
Reversible circulation pump.
Automatic indirect water cooling system.
Power supply: 400 Vac, 50 Hz, three-phase + N

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