Rotabox 45   323GB

Laboratory equipment for the automatic dosing, preparation, weighing and drawing of chemical solutions and mother-solutions.
The instrument enables automatic weighing of powder dyestuff poured into the beaker and determines a perfect dosage according to the set-up program on the computer.
Programming of recipes with automatic drawing from 45 stock bottles.
It includes the preparation unit of mother-solutions.
Equipped with n. 2 scales with weighing capacity from 0 to 2000 g. Reading precision 0,001 g.
Dosing choice with cold or warm water.
Electronic regulation of the water temperature.
Personal computer, monitor and printer included.
List of the weights of empty bottles used for dosing.
Possibility to execute in sequence the memorised recipes starting from any available recipe.
Possibility to memorise the expiry date of mother-solutions and dyestuffs.
Acoustic buzzer signal warning that the solution is ready.
Safety device for possible overflow of solution from the beaker.
Automatic drawing of liquid dyestuff from 45 stock bottles (capacity 600 cc.) and automatic weighing.
Quickly interchangeable beakers without preparatory operations of washing and drying.
Unit built in stainless steel.
Power supply: 400 Vac, 50 Hz, three-phase + N

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